Mono and Poly Grids

The Grid tabs are used for tighter control of songs as they are performed. There are tabs for Monotonic and Polytonic instrument groups. These tabs allow you to select a particular instrument for a particular musician.

Musician Display

The top and bottom of the display show the musician configuration. If the background color of a musician is darkened, that musician is part of a split. Within these sections the lines are:

Musician Number – 0 to 14 (There’s only room for one digit.)

Instrument Type – The composer creates rhythms suited to each of the 6 instrument types. The Sliders controls play only instruments associated with the corresponding musician. However, in the Grids you can choose any combination you want.

Note Density – The upper of the two colored blocks indicates how fast notes are played on average. The values are:
  Very Fast
  Very Slow

Note Styles - The lower of the two colored blocks indicates the emphasis of the notes. For example, in 4/4 time, if the majority of notes are on the first or middle beat of the bar, that is considered an even style. The styles are:

  Even Beats
  Odd Beats
  All Beats

Instrument Display

The left column shows all of the available instruments for the instrument group. Click on an instrument to play it once. Double-click to edit details.

Musician/Instrument Grid

The main grid controls which musician is playing which instrument. Note that the Sliders settings will continue to apply as you make your selections. If you want to avoid having the Sliders change values, set its Number of Musicians slider to 0.

Each column under a Musician is colored according to the Instrument Type. The color names below are intended as a mnemonic device:

Color Color  Name Instrument Type
  blue bass
  red rhythm
  lilac lead
  sunshine slow
  forest fast
  cyan chord

A split is a set of musicians that each play separate beats of a continuous sequence without overlaps. (This is referred to sometimes as linear drumming.)

There are 3 possible settings for each grid rectangle, and clicking cycles through them. If you press-and-hold the rectangle under a musician that is part of a split, all split members are set to the selected instrument. Normally you would do that as a first step, then click some of the split members to move to different instruments.

Playing, but may be switched off by Sliders.
Playing and locked until released or song finishes.

When you lock a set of instruments, those locks are tied to the current position of the Instrument Mix Slider. Each slider has 5 positions. Thus it is possible to set up 5 different instrument mixes for a live performance. These settings are saved when you save or email a Song Setup.

  Not playing, but may be switched on by Sliders.

Additionally, the three blue buttons in the four corners of the display can be used to lock and unlock all of the currently playing instruments.


Shake Shuffles both monotonic and polytonic instruments and changes instrument mix.
Pinch Expands or contracts the grid
Press & Swipe Scrolls the grid
Tap in grid Switches on/locked/off.
Tap on Musician title (top or bottom) Displays beats/rhythm.
Press & Hold in grid Switches on/locked/off all members of a split.
Press & Hold on sound title (left or right) Edits the instrument.

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