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beatZap creates music with beats, rhythms and more beats. It also plays melodies and chord sequences, but it keeps them simple. Some of its songs are good, some need help. You can choose the parts you like and skip the parts you don't. You can have as much or as little control as you want. It's like having your own band or a personal DJ on your device.

beatZap is available for the iPhone* and iPod touch*

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How It Works

Think of beatZap as having a tiny composer and a bunch of tiny musicians inside it. The composer knows a few song genres. To compose a song, it chooses a genre at random and composes based on what it knows about that genre. For each genre it can compose thousands of different songs. It composes up to 30 rhythms (and a few chords) for each song. When the composer finishes it hands the song over to the musicians. Each musician plays one rhythm and chooses an instrument to play. Your job is to be the arranger and bandleader. If you shake the app the musicians switch up their instruments. If you really don't like a song you can forward to the next one. For more control you can adjust the number of playing musicians or the instrument mix. If you want to tweak for great results you can choose each musician and instrument yourself while the music plays.

The 200 instruments in beatZap are grouped into 10 bands that can be loaded independently. You can rearrange these to group instruments that work together and to suit your taste.

When you get it in the groove beatZap makes a nice little backup band. Use it to rap or sing along. You can record sounds to make more instruments or back-up vocals.


  • 200 instruments - over 1,000 individual sounds
  • 300,000 songs
  • 12 song genres
  • 6 rhythm styles
  • 4 rhythm generators
  • Up to 30 rhythms per song
  • Chord sequences
  • Basic melodies
  • Easy & advanced controls
  • Control BPM, key and arrangement in real time
  • Save and email song setups
  • Record new sounds
  • Built-in help


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