Import/Edit Sound

This dialog box allows you to import a sound or edit an existing instrument.


Change the display name here. Do not use special characters (+, -, % etc.)

Frequency, Note & Octave

Displays the calculated frequency, note and octave (octave 0 contains A 440). This calculation is often wrong, so may need to be changed. If you want change it, you can edit either the frequency or the note and octave. Use the Test button to verify your settings.


Click this to reset frequency, note and octave to the original analysis calculated.

Length Length in seconds.
Bands... Click to select the bands that this instrument is in. (Upper case letters on the button show the bands currently selected.) In Settings you control which bands are loaded.


Click to select the instrument types for this instrument. (Upper case letters on the button show the types currently selected.) The Slider controls will only play this instrument with musicians that have matching characteristics. These musicians should have rhythms that are suited to the instrument type. Types are:

Volume: This volume is applied when the sound is played in songs.


If the sound already exists in one of the grids it will be permanently deleted. If the sound is a new recording, this works the same as Cancel.

Test Plays the sound sample. For polytonic sounds it steps through an octave.
Ok Saves changes and quits this editor. A new recorded sound is added to the bottom of the appropriate grid.
Cancel Cancels changes and quits this editor. A new recorded sound is discarded.

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