There is not enough space to load all of the instruments in beatZap at the same time. So instruments are split into groups, called bands. This allows the instruments you want to hear together to be loaded together.

Each instrument can be used in several bands. You can also load several bands at the same time. You can rearrange instruments into whichever bands you like and you can change the names of the bands.

If you try to load too many instruments (bands) at the same time, beatZap will randomly load as many as it can. If you try to load no bands at all, beatZap will insist on loading Basic, to allow it to work. Similarly, if you try to remove an instrument from all bands, beatZap will place it in Other, to allow you to find it later.

This is the starting set up:

Basic Instruments used everywhere (mostly drums)

Favorites 1

Your favorites.

Favorites 2

A different mix of your favorites.

Pop / Rock

Typical instruments used for pop and rock.


Typical instruments used for jazz.

Electronic Mellow

Electronic instruments with soft sounds.

Electronic Harsh

Electronic instruments with harsh sounds.

Acoustic Mellow

Acoustic instruments with soft sounds.
Acoustic Harsh Acoustic instruments with harsh sounds
Other Storage for instruments you are not using.

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